Sand Cities: Geometric Architecture Sculpted from Beaches

geometric micro city structures

A serious step beyond traditional sand castles, these sculptural micro-structures range from simple sets of cubes to miniature buildings and architectural complexes.

geometric sand pavillion stairs

geometric sand building design

geometric mini city complex

Calvin Seibert of New York recently traveled to Hawaii to complete his latest series of semi-abstract beach sculptures, employing skills he has learned as an assistant sculptor and in carpentry and construction trades.

geometric micro urban design

geometric sand micro buildings

micro architecture sand city

The results exhibit an uncanny grasp of architecture, design and composition, balancing structure and space within individual mini-buildings and larger arrays alike. Crisp edges and smooth curves make them look almost like stone or concrete.

geometric beach abstract art

mini micro curved sculpture

geometric beach art wall

Some of his pieces draw on landscaped earthworks and urban layouts, while others show off a whimsical and eclectic mix of imagination, art and geometry.

geometric beach architecture design

geometric sand castle art

geometric villa design mini

Naturally, the tides always turn on these creations, flattening them back out as the ocean rolls in, making each a temporary expression, but in many cases one could imagine a permanent, life-sized version standing the test of time.