Almost There: Signs from the Near Future May Blow Your Mind

A few are far-fetched, but most of these notices are shocking in part because they are nearly believable – some may be an accepted reality within the next few years (click to enlarge).

contact lens selfie alert

disable your holographic companion

exoskeleton scanning in progress

driver free taxi cab

Collected on signsfromthenearfuture, a Tumblr blog, their subjects range from driverless cars and solar roadways to cryogenic stations and hyperloop trains.

jetpack station future sign

oversharing cell phone alert

preconition training classroom sign

drones watching alert

Some are clearly tongue-in-cheek commentary on current social behavior and perceived threats to privacy, or based on science-fiction principles unlikely to materialize, but who knows. Others you may be seeing very soon on streets and in other public places (alas, probably not the one about jetpack rentals).