Yoga Joes: G.I. Action Figures Posed in Complex Meditative Positions

yoga rock stack

G.I. Joe and other toy soldier figures are rarely found in anything but anxiety-prone positions, ready to do battle with the imaginary enemy. But in this quirky collection, they tackle a fresh foe: difficult and sophisticated yoga positions.

yoga in nature

yoga position solider

yoga action figure

yoa pose joe

These posed characters can be found doing downward-facing dogs, lotus headstands and scorpions but also more complex positions like firefly, scorpion, peacock, side plank and king pigeon.

yoga silhouette

yoga figurine

yoga headstand

yoga and lizards

Started in 2014 by artist Dan Abramson, the collection has grown to include ever more sophisticated poses and postures which, in many cases, require more work for the figurines’ creator in making their molds. The pieces are sold in themed collections, ready to be used as toys or staged in nature for funky photo shoots.


yoga 2

yoga 3

yoga 4

yoga 5

yoga joes

“My hope is that advanced Yoga Joes inspire beginners to reach for the stars or, at the very least, to reach for their foot backward over their head” says Abramson. “I hope they inspire seasoned yoga masters to expand their own practice by showing off next to them on Instagram. But whatever your skill level, I truly hope they inspire calm and focus, and hopefully more than a few smiles and laughs.”