Waltz on the Walls: Dancers Perform Daring Vertical Stunts


The first-person perspective seen on this video of two dancers vaulting effortlessly off the side of Oakland’s City Hall building might make you a little dizzy. Secured to the 18-story structure’s roof with safety lines, the duo run, flip and seemingly fly, captured from various angles that can be a tad disorienting.

Waltz on the Walls 1

Waltz on the Walls 3

The pair are members of the Bandaloop vertical choreography dance company, which staged the performance for the Art + Soul Festival in Oakland, California. GoPro cameras capture the action in all its elegance.

Waltz on the Walls 2

Waltz on the Walls 4

The company aims to “re-imagine dance,” performing these seemingly weightless feats on skyscrapers, bridges, billboards, cliffs and historical sights. Says founder and artistic director Amelia Rudolph, “They say what we do is death-defying. I’d say it’s life-affirming.”

Waltz on the Walls 5

Bandaloop Sundial Bridge

The images and the videos of the performances are breathtaking, particularly those of dancers rappelling off the 217-foot Santiago Calatrava ‘Sundial Bridge’ in Redding, seen above. Check them all out at the Bandaloop website.