Pie in the Sky? Not in Dubai! 8 Mind-Blowing Projects

Dubai is one of the wealthiest of the 7 Arab Emirates, and it isn’t averse to funding projects that boggle the mind. Where else can one go skiing in a desert? Or buy an entire island in the shape of a continent? Lavish wealth and a willing-to-do-anything attitude has brought well-deserved fame to this gorgeous city.

World Islands

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2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai, there now resides an impressive archipelago of well over 100 small islands in the shape of the world’s continents. Despite incredible initial interest, there is as of yet, only one building on the islands (a show home). Despite allegations that the islands are sinking back into the ocean, the developers continue to remain hopeful that construction will continue.

Ski Dubai

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Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with over 22,500 square meters of prime skiing area. With a 60 meter-high indoor mountain, and 5 different ski slopes, it’s fun for all skill levels. The resort continues to be a prime destination for locals and tourists alike.

Dynamic Tower

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A planned 80-story skyscraper in downtown Dubai, the dynamic tower is awe-inspiring because of its absolutely unique design. It is the only skyscraper in the world that will have independently rotating floors. Each floor is pre-fabricated to help in construction, and once set into motion, each floor will go through a full rotation every 90 minutes.

Rem Koolhaas’ Convention Center

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This planned project is located in one of the neighboring emirates to Dubai, and while it calls to mind the Deathstar from Star Wars, it would serve a much less intimidating purpose, as an indoor convention center in Ras al-Khaimah.

Diamond Ring Hotel

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A lot of crazy ideas are thrown around in Dubai and the other Arab Emirates, but few rival this proposed project. With what appear to be rotating hotel rooms, it’s an amazing concept, and one it would be fantastic to see made real.

Hotel Burj al-Arab

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The Burj al-Arab is a 5 star rated hotel that stands on an artificial island in Dubai. The 4th tallest hotel in the world, its unique design on the outside is more than matched by the opulence displayed on the inside.

Arch Bridge

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Dubai likes to do it big! This proposed arch bridge would be over 1 mile long and 12 lanes wide. It is set to stand nearly 700 feet tall. Construction is set to begin in 2012, and judging from the size of the undertaking, will take quite some time to complete.

Anara Tower

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One of the saddest abandoned projects in Dubai, the Anara tower was planned to look like a giant wind turbine and stand 135 stories tall, with a garden every 27 floors. Canceled in 2009, hopefully this project will be picked up again at some point. In Dubai, anything is possible.