Tinshed: Home Rebuilt from Shreds of Scrappy Shack

rebuilt upcycled industrial building

In a sleepy suburb of Sydney, Australia, long since taken over by mainly-one-story houses, sat a disused metal-sided shed. An ad hod affair, it was a rare leftover of what was once an industrial neighborhood, destined for demolition but instead converted into a strange new home.

rebuilt scrap metal house

The newly-reconstituted building dubbed ‘Tinshed’  by Raffaello Rosselli (images by Mark Syke) is made from the metal of the old abandonment. It is still pockmarked, with a haphazard surface that slips between gray, green, white and red – its panels overlapping in odd and seemingly chaotic patchwork patterns. Now, however, it these frame a few more oddities, like windows for the first time in the site’s life.

rebuilding australia junk shack

Inside, the building has immaculate flat white walls and crisp curved surfaces, reflecting its fresh purpose as a studio (on the first floor) dwelling and office space (on the second level). The juxtaposition of interior and exterior is fitting, as the entire structure is itself a strange addition to its surroundings.