Stylish New AK47 Home Storage Solutions Really Pop

AK47 Home Collection 1

Unconventional solutions for home storage by Italian company AK47 make a bold, graphic statement on the wall or ceiling, turning everyday items like clothing, firewood, magazines and even food into decor. The 2012 home collection includes round wall-mounted shelves in black and white, a low coffee table with built-in storage and wall-mounted clothes hangers that can be arranged in artistic configurations.

AK47 Home Collection 2

AK47 Home Collection 3

AK47 Home Collection 4

Flouting the tired convention of storing books and other items in vertical stacks, the Tubola storage system creates little wall cubbies that keep items up off the ground, and put them on display in individual groups. Available in a range of sizes, the shelves can be mounted like wall art.

AK47 Home Collection 5

The Zerino coffee table features a center cutout that can hold the object of your choice, whether a plant, candles or a miniature fire pit. The space between the two discs offers room for storage.

AK47 Home Collection 6

AK47 Home Collection 7

The Bretell magazine rack puts your collection front-and-center, while the Tac wall-mounted clothes hanger brings your clothes and accessories out of the closet.

AK47 Home Collection 8

Have a lot to hang? The Gang ceiling-mounted chain hanger can fit a lot of clothing into one small space, and would also look great covered in plants.