Perspectival Street Artist Pierces People in New Photo Shoot

street art neon colors

Known for his geometric art installations, Aakash Nihalani is back with a mind-bending sequence of shots that show humans interacting with his reality-warping work.

street art bent blue

street art abstract geometry

street art person pairs

street art interactive geometry

In Landline, individual and paired persons become part of the project, standing in front of urban surfaces and seemingly skewered by abstract shapes.

street art skewered figures

pierced orange rectangle neon

White shirts become backdrops for black squares sliced from each set of outfits, shot through in turn by bright neon pink, green, orange and blue rectangles.

street art straight yellow

"Landline" by Aakash Nihalani

"Landline" by Aakash Nihalani

For more of this artist’s work, including additional closeups that show the trick behind each sequence, you can follow his posts on Eye Scream Sunday.