Give Your Eyeteeth: Surreal Hyper-Realistic Lip Makeup

Eye Teeth Makeup 1

The word ‘eyeteeth’ has taken on a new meaning with a set of surreal and disconcerting images from Swedish makeup artist Sandra Holmbom. While most of Holmbom’s looks are much more conventional, the artist occasionally creates dramatic effects that incite a double-take. The image of an eyeball parting to reveal a set of teeth seems like something from a nightmare.

Eye Teeth Makeup 2

Eye Teeth Makeup 3

“Pretty, it’s not, but I had fun anyway,” Holmbom says of the look.

Eye Teeth Makeup 4

Eye Teeth Makeup 5

The makeup artist has also created gory effects like exposed musculature and wounds, as well as more humorous looks, like the character ‘Timon’ from the animated Disney movie ‘The Lion King.’ See more at her blog.