Dirty Car Drawings: Turn the Dusty Road Into Good Clean Art

It’s easy to let your car go a while without having it washed, and some artists make it even easier, by creating beautiful works of art using only a brush and the dust coating your neglected vehicle. Some of this artwork is done on the fly by inspired art students, whereas some artists have become well known for their prowess with the dust medium. There’s no need to search parking lots for this art, as I’ve laid out some of the best for your easy viewing:

(Images via cracked, artistquirk, edfromct, myveryownbook)

One of the last subject matters I would expect on dust artwork is a beautiful landscape, but careful shading can create a gorgeous vista. This subject is actually quite fitting, considering the fact that these cars are just the type to go roaring over dusty hills into the sunset.

(Images via interesting facts, pictureschat)

Whether you love the holidays for strictly religious reasons, or for the fun celebratory traditions that surround them, you’ll be able to appreciate your own dust art if you happen upon it at your local Walmart parking lot. A little unexpected decoration goes a long way in cheering up passerby.

(Images via mike haye’s posterous, memimage, wtfoodge, holytaco)

Fine art can be appreciated in many forms, and car dirt is no exception. Some notable car dust artists take pride in creating copies of some of the most famous and sought after masterpieces, with surprising skill and success.

(Images via threepoint2, jalopnik)

Every artist has to make a living! Notable car dirt artists are a natural fit for those advertising rough and tumble vehicles that would be likely to traverse dusty roads.

(Images via uphaa, pboyd04)

Sometimes it’s just fun to sketch what’s on your mind, whether it be nighttime visions of bats, or the creepy monsters of the popular media. These are a definite hit around October, when everyone’s mind is turned toward the spooky and spectacular.