As Seen on TV: Floor Plans from Famous Television Series

television plan drawings pencil

A talented cast, backed by brilliant directors and writers, makes you feel like part of the action – not just through the actors telling a story, but also via the familiar spaces they regularly occupy in each episode (sometimes for years).

telivision simpsons house

Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is an artist and designer who painstakingly analyzes and draws out the rooms your favorite characters and their tales occupy, be they the charming sitcom Golden Girls or the macabre drama of Dexter.

television hand drawn pencil

And while our minds generally complete the picture for us, many of these famous dwellings do not really exist in a complete way, and some are never fully shown because of camera, entrance and exit placements, leaving our imagination to fill in the gaps.

telivision sitcom interior plans

In some cases, the action spans more than a single apartment, as in Friends where it is ultimately about two neighboring units and the hallway in between.

television show floor plans

In other cases, like the Simpsons, seeing the plan makes you realize how simple it is in a fictional world that is wacky in so many ways – it is the backdrop, not a character itself. In the end, real life or otherwise, everyone needs doors, floors, windows and walls. Check out DeviantArt for a closer look or to buy a print.