Got Your Goat: Portable Drinking Horn Coffee Mug is Good to Go


Its shape inspired by goats, the creatures that helped humans discovered coffee, this modern-day drinking horn is curved to make drinking easier and capped to let you take your java on the road.

goat mug to go

goat mug portable

Designed by desnahemisfera in cooperation with Equa, the Goat Story drinking device comes equipped with a leather holder to act as a heat barrier while walking or a stand while sitting.

goat mug

The travel-ready cup also comes with a short and long leather carrying strap, which can also be combined to form an even longer version.

goat mug office

goat mug travel

From its creators: “As easy as 1-2-3, your GOAT STORY coffee mug will be able to stand on your office desk and it will be at a hand´s reach all the time. Just take the handle off, turn it around, place the mug in it. Voila! The ergonomic shape will help you drink your coffee. Have we mentioned that it won’t fall over?”

goat mug for coffee

goat mug with holder

“It comes with a cross body strap, which lets you carry your business case in one hand while replying e-mails on your phone, in between sips. Also, you can use the shorter strap to attach it to your bag or carry it around your wrist and keep your hands free.”