Glassless Bottles: Ice Beverage Containers Keep Cola Cool

ice coke bottle design

No amount of insulation can hope to keep your beverage quite as cold as a bottle made entirely out of ice, as found in this limited-edition container design from a marketing firm working for Coca Cola.

Ogilvy & Mather of Bogota developed this entirely-iced bottle concept as a summer-worthy marketing method for Coke, currently released in Columbia and coming soon to Argentina, both places where hot summer weather packs a particularly hard punch.

ice melting coke glass

A simple label is wrapped around the frozen containers as the drink is poured and delivered. The bottle can then be left on the beach, thrown in the ocean or remain anywhere the remaining water (and sugar) can safely drain, keeping the process as mess-free as possible.

cool ice bottle design

Since these icey vessels dissipate on their own when you are done, leaving only a rubber-band bracelet behind, which means not having to worry as much about where and how to recycle your glassless bottles.