Migrant Skyscrapers Roll Up City Streets Inside Giant Wheels

Skip all practical considerations for a second and suspend any disbelief – now imagine what a truly nomadic urban society might look like, devoid of concerns of safety and perhaps some laws of physics.

Damian & Rafa? Przyby?a present one such implausible but inspiring vision in the form of a huge vertical halo wrapping in a ring around each building, placing fourth in this year’s Evolo design competition.

Their somewhat fanciful future includes the possibility of political (but apparently not structural) instability which might cause residents to require a quick but self-sufficient and fully-livable means of moving across country (or between nations).

All of the usual suspects are in play: outdoor space for recreation, crops and livestock … indoor space for living, working and sleeping … and of course recycling systems for water … how any of these might function while on the move, though, is anyone’s guess. Still, it is quite a concept, even if the lateral stability aspects are still in the training-wheels phase of schematic design.