3D Architectural Illusions: 12 Paintings, Murals & Mosaics

3D Mural Art

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3D street artists are great, but their ever-popular sidewalk chalk art isn’t the only 3D art of its kind. Inside a home, on the outside of a building or even in a swimming pool, the illusion of three-dimensionality can transform a space, giving the appearance of depth, texture and place in a mythical or fantastical fashion.

3D Wall Murals 5

3D Wall Murals 4

3D Wall Murals 3

3D Wall Murals 2

3D Wall Murals 1

3D Wall Murals

Eric Grohe creates surprising illusions of far-reaching spaces out of otherwise flat surfaces. In some of these images of his works, it is difficult to see what is within the picture he created and what is in the real foreground. Though not strictly photorealistic, his plays on perspective feel compellingly real from a distance.

3D Interior Painting 4

3D Interior Painting 2

3D Interior Painting 3

3D Interior Painting 1

This mystery artist clearly has an eye for classical and medieval scenes. His paintings both enliven these otherwise conventional interior spaces, creating amazing conversation pieces and great play spaces for children. If anyone knows who this is, please add information and links in the comments!

3D Pool Art 4

3D Pool Art 2

3D Pool Art 1

3D pool art is a bit more on the playful side of 3D residential art. Composed of custom tiles, these creations can be purchased in standard patterns or made to order for specific pools. Do you know of other amazing 3D illusion art or know who the mystery artist is? Feel free to add relevant links in the comments below!

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