Just a Reflector: Upside-Down Mural Looks Right in the Water Below

mural painting actual

Designed to look right-side-up when reflected off the water below, this series wall murals features a series of nautical themes, including depictions of swimmers, rowers and swans. While the image above is accurate and not retouched, a modified photo (shown below) shows a more idealized version that does not really reflect reality.

photoshopped reflective water mural

New York-based Ray Bartkus made this mural for the Lithuanian city of Marijampole, set alongside the river Šešupe, which flows through the city’s center. The artist is known for other works that rely on mirrors and reflections as well.

mural artists work

mural under construction

mural painting process

A bit like a trompe l’oeil illusion, the viewer’s position changes the composition, and their is an ideal spot for the optical effect in relation to the various vertical planes onto which the murals were painted.