Artist Socks Series: Wear Pairs of Figures from Famous Paintings

artist socks abstract

Simple stripes, colors and patterns are all that is visible when you are wearing shoes, but kick them off and you can show off famous figures from classic paintings. They may not be fit for formal wear situations, but are certainly fun for everyday occasions (and a great idea for sock puppet shows).

vincent van socks

artist sock box

These series of silly socks from ChattyFeet is equally informal about their titling of the various pairs. Famous artists are given name twists, resulting in Andy Sock-Hole and David Sock-Knee. Other pairs include Frida Callus and Feetasso (from Frida Kahlo and Pablo Picasso).

andy sock hole

david sock knee

From the designers: “The master of modern art David Sock-Knee is on hand (or foot) when you want to impress with your knowledge of home-grown British artists. They are just the thing to wear to that exhibition opening event and don’t forget to snap a ‘sockie’ photo when you visit famous galleries. Follow in this famous face’s footsteps by recreating your favourite holiday scenes in acrylic – just don’t splash any on your socks!”

art fun socks

artist feetaso

ChattyFeet is a quirky brand that offers “silly sock personalities” for adults and children alike. The studio’s line of cheeky characters colorfully drawn onto comfortable cotton socks.