Incarnate: Skull Carved from Outdated Computer Books

Artist Maskull Lasserre specializes in transforming ordinary objects into amazingly intricate, often somewhat unsettling works of art. His most recent work, ‘Incarnate (Three Degrees of Certainty II), conjures a highly realistic anatomic model of a skull from a stack of outdated software manuals.

Lasserre used drills and hand tools to carefully chisel out areas of the compressed pages, carving out the skull as if it had been hiding in the books all along. It’s an interesting metaphor for the uselessness of the books, which no longer have any real value.

The artist’s previous projects include ‘Secret Carpentry’, in which the skeleton of a snake was carved out of a wooden axe handle – each tiny vertebrae smooth and distinct – as well as ‘Oracle’, a wooden picture frame with a corner chiseled into a child’s bottom teeth.

Another project, ‘Outliers’, involved reproducing animal tracks onto the rubber soles of shoes that were then worn to leave highly unlikely prints all over urban areas in the cities of Montreal, Ottawa, Boston and New York.

See more of Lasserre’s work at his website.