Electrifying Art: Sculptures Made of Wire and Cable Ties

Cable Tie Sculptures 1

All it took to create this series of sculptures – aside from ingenuity and artistic talent, of course – was a trip to the hardware store for some electrical wire and cable ties. Artist Pavel Sinev coils black and white wires into works of art that range from the straightforward to the slightly surreal, like a vaguely disturbing baby with a bottle in its mouth.

Cable Tie Sculptures 5

Calbe Tie Sculptures 3

Cable Tie Sculptures 2

Cable Tie Sculptures 4

The wiring is carefully wound into three-dimensional shape and held together with the zip ties, the designs ultimately reflecting the unconventional ways in which common household materials can be used with a little creativity.

Wire Sculptures

Wire Sculptures 2

Wire is a surprisingly versatile artistic medium. Check out a stunningly intricate motorcycle and sidecar by Chinese artist Shi Jindian, fluid human sculptures by Derek Kinzett, minimalist works by Gavin Worth and more.