25 Wire Sculptures Worth Getting In A Twist Over

Wire sculptures are unique in that they can be airy representations of solid objects, or hulking and heavy metal goliaths that intimidate in an outdoor space. The range of styles utilized by wire sculptors is as incredible as the art work itself, from abstract scenes to ultra realistic portraits, they’re all here.

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British artist Benedict Radcliffe created this bright orange Lamborghini in 2008 and set in different parking spots and locations for pedestrians to enjoy. The good news? It’s for sale, and will only set you back 40,000 British Pounds. This gorgeous wireframe Beetle is a comment on vehicles and the environment. It would be great if vehicles had that little environmental impact. Until that time, this wireframe Volkswagon, and the wireframe car below it, will just have to serve as interesting eye candy. The motorcycle and sidecar pictured above was a three year project by Chinese artist Shi Jindian made out of woven steel.

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Scottish artist David Mach created these faces out of wire hangers, which just goes to show awesome art can be made out of the most mundane materials. Polly Verity made these wire sculpture heels, and showcases more work over here. Derek Kinzett created the bottom-most sculptures, doing a great job catching the fluidity of the human form. The final sculpture resided at the Outside Art exhibition, which celebrated British sculpture.

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Artist Barbara Licha lives and works in Australia, and brings us this giant wire cube sculpture. Sculptor Gavin Worth shows that less is more with his simple sculpture of a boy with cupped hands, while this Michael Jackson bust takes a different tactic. Michael Murphy created this portrait of President Barack Obama out of high tension wire.

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Artist Rupert Till created this amazing horse and jockey sculpture, while previously mentioned artist David Mach upped the ante with his gigantic gorilla coat hanger creation. This large metal horse resides on the side of a highway in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Gavin Worth uses minimal lines to get his point across, and these beautiful wire pieces look almost like two dimensional illustrations that exist in three dimensions. He does a fantastic job conveying intense emotion without any filler.

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This bike is another creation of chinese artist Shi Jindian. Seung Mo Park is a korean artist who creates incredibly detailed portraits out of wire. Derek Kinzett shows us the power of the human form in his life size sculpture, while this coffee man sculpture takes a more relaxed approach. Ivan Lovatt creates realistic busts out of chicken wire, and this lovely lady is a quality example.