Matthew Christopher: Photographer of Abandoned Places

Some of the locations have storied histories, and others remain a mystery – photo shoots of spaces that must remain off the map to avoid disturbing delicate or dangerous ruins, or trespassing on private property.

Matthew Christopher has taken pictures of it all, from prisons and hospitals to churches with basement meth labs to deserted transportation infrastructure and now-demolished architecture. When he got in touch with WebUrbanist, a balance had to be struck between secrecy and revelation.

But beyond simple still images, he has escalated his photography to fully-interactive, (click here to see them embedded on his website:) three-dimensional online panoramas – these compelling variants are part film, part photo, and provide an really impressive sense of spatial immersion (hint: be sure to go full-screen for the full effect – these are high-resolution!).

Some of these places are in the middle of preservation battles as well, their futures as uncertain as their histories. A few are publicly known, leaving Matthew able to discuss them, like this prison and this state hospital. He also has both prints and books available at this store on his website.