Star Wars IV Survives: Real Life Tatooine Located in Tunisia

Yes, you can spend the night in Luke Skywalker’s home, see the hermit habitat of Obi-Wan Kenobi up close, and view other remnants of the original Star Wars movie via a series sets turned since turned into long-standing habitable buildings (contemporary on-location photos above by Könczöl Gábor and maciekke).

(Images by Hoylen Sue)

Los Apos provides an introductory guide with coordinates should you find yourself wandering Tunisia – meanwhile, here are some of the highlights of the journey, including bits and pieces of the fictional Mos Eisley and Espa.

(Images by Eckart and Michael)

Some of these buildings survive the first film trilogy, while others were rebuilt for the second series (or first, depending on how you look at it). But why? Because, in many cases, locals saw the structures as entirely serviceable and kept using them for housing, hotels, shops, storage and more.

(Images by Bernard Gagnon and Jean-Marc Matthey)

Some of the locations cater to fans: “In Matmata you can actually sleep in Luke’s home. The Hotel Sidi Driss served as the interior of the Lars homestead. Aunt Beru’s kitchen is still there, but except for some fiberglass and wooden frames, and the fresco on the dining room ceiling, you won’t find any props. Even so, it is easy to get excited when sitting in the very same dining room that the Lars family used. The hotel also has a well stocked bar with lots of Star Wars memorabilia and a Star wars inspired menu.”

(Images by Roger Noguera Arnau)

Savvy fans will recognize even building-free locations where Sandcrawlers roamed, Tusken Raiders pounced or Stormtroopers attacked. These are, one might say, the landscapes you are looking for. Still, whether the trip will spoil the fun or enhance the fantasy all depends on the traveler.