LEGO Architecture Studio: Boldly Monochromatic Block Set

lego architectural white sketch

A colorless LEGO kit may sound boring at first blush, but consider the spatial advantages of letting form, line and shadow stand apart from the profusion of colors normally associated with their iconic blocks.

lego architecture studio box

LEGO Architecture Studio‘s pigment-free approach is unusual for the company and intentionally so: it is made to create an experience that is more like pencil or pen sketching in three dimensions, a thinking-through-building process without the complications of shades and hues.

lego monochromatic block set

lego architecture studio booklet

Though the all-white block series contains over 1,200 pieces uniformly absent of color, it also comes with a colorful 268-page book that shows aspiring architects (or simply interested kids) what is possible in the world of built environments.

lego color companion book

This companion volume features the work of famous designers and firms including REX ArchitectureSou FujimotoSOMMAD ArchitectsTham & Videgård, and Safdie Architects, covering a range of theory and practice, concepts and reality, all from a diverse group of professionals.

lego all white blocks

From FastCo: “At the end of each chapter, the lead architects will all sit around a table with Lego and play with the pieces! Only then is the reader invited to take part in a hands-on Lego workshop exploring some of the theories and concepts explored in the chapter, which can range from exercises exploring symmetry, mass, density, the use of negative space, modules, repetition, and more.”

lego no color kit

The target audience is also ambiguous – the set could be fun for kids, or ideal for teenagers who want to try their hand at architectural concepts and design before deciding on a college major or career path. In the end, perhaps adults will appreciate it the most, or at least best understand and appreciate the aesthetic understatement … then again, children often understand best that a limited palette of props leaves more to the imagination.