Facade Lift: Abandoned Commercial Building Reborn as Mixed-Use

before and after

Finding new life as a combination of retail and housing space, this stunning structure’s new look works with the existing building envelope and floor plates while breaking down visible divisions between stories.

new building facade

before after side view

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the refab is now home to four siblings above and their family-run jewelry store on the first floor.

converted store design ground

converted multistory mixed use

Idin Architects (photos by Spaceshift) kept the framework, difficult to remove as it touches adjacent structures, but renovated the interior and added an entirely new facade that seems to defy floors as it wraps up the front.

new facade

converted living room area

Each family occupies two stories of the 7-floor building, with elevators connecting all of the different units in the back and an enclosed rooftop patio above.

converted light well space

converted growing tree

A central lightwell (occupied in part by a slow-growing tree) and other internal features reconnect the different are as well while maintaining separation and privacy for each family unit.