See Wall: Graffiti Praising & Parodying Donald Trump

Donald Trump is destined to leave his mark on the world stage but the world’s graffiti artists have been leaving Trump-related marks for some time.


The notorious “wall” Trump has theatrically threatened to build along the US-Mexico border already exists – in parts – and older sections have been renewed, reinforced and in some places made redundant. One example of the latter can be found about a mile west of Tijuana airport: the so-called “old border wall” situated on American territory.



Graffiti collective Indecline created the above “¡Rape Trump!” mural on a section of the rusty, corrugated sheet metal wall in late 2015, roughly six months before Trump clinched the Republican nomination for the U.S. presidency. Check out this video by Indecline posted at their website. The caption “¡Rape Trump!”, by the way, is a sort of Spanish pun – the word “rape” translates roughly to crop, trim, shave or snuff while the ball gag adds a dash of kinkiness to the mix.

Great Brickin’



So crowdfunding graffiti is a thing now: graffiti artists The Paintsmiths paid for the above mural through online sales of their photo-book Are We There Yet? The artwork features Trump figuratively and literally walling himself in, and can be found at the corner of Nelson Street and All Saints Street in Bristol, UK.

Where’s Wall-Donald?


It’s not as if Donald Trump just popped up out of nowhere: the larger-than-life real estate developer took over The Trump Organization way back in 1971 when The Donald was only 25 years old. Indeed Trump was here, was there, and now it seems he’s everywhere.

Punchdrunk Trump




The island nation of Malta is chock-a-block with ruins of all ages, many of which have been co-opted by graffiti artists under the government’s benign gaze. The unusual and intriguing work above, by Czech artist ChemiS, complements abandoned and deteriorated architecture by featuring a young boxer and Donald Trump. Whatever one’s political bent, you can’t deny this particular work is a knockout.