A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Street Artist Breathes Life Into Urban Facades

The streets of Brooklyn are a little brighter these days with the addition of two new pieces by Spanish street artist Pejac, including one that appears to be chiseled out of a brick facade. Both reflect on the impact of cities on nature; one comments on conspicuously absent greenery while the other illustrates Jeff Goldblum’s infamous Jurrasic Park line, “Life… uh… finds a way.” One is a little bleak, suggesting that trees might someday go the way of dinosaurs, while the other is a tad more hopeful.

Though it may look like bricks were removed to create the piece, it’s actually just clever shading created with some spray paint and a cardboard stencil.

“‘Fossil’ works as a harbinger of a hypothetical fatal future where the only memory we have of nature is the fosilized form of a tree in a brick wall,” says Pejac. “This work can be found at 27 Scott Ave, Brooklyn.”

On ‘Inner Strength,’ Pejac says “In opposition to the previous work here I speak of a future where nature breaks the barriers imposed by the hand of man and recovering the lost ground. Man loses but we all win.”

Unfortunately, ‘Fossil’ was quickly vandalized with the spray-painted question ‘Is this art?’ while Pejac responded on Instagram, “Quite an effective way to ask a question. But next time just send me a DM.”

Previously, Pejac created a series of bird silhouettes in a Croatian window, ‘cleaned’ the paint off a brick building to reveal the shape of flourishing vines, and painted convincing illusions of keyholes and windows on cement.