Bridge in Paris: Inflatable, Jumpable Urban Playground

With space increasingly at a premium in cities around the world, bodies of water – and the structures that span them – are becoming host to all sorts of unexpected functions. This concept by Paris-based studio AZC spurns the idea of an ordinary bridge, creating an inflatable urban playground that infuses joy into the everyday routines of city inhabitants.

‘Bridge in Paris’ aims to bring urban dwellers back to “a state of primal happiness, of ancestral times when body and spirit were essentially free.” Rather than simply crossing a pedestrian bridge without thought, users take a few moments for uninhibited playtime.

Installed near the Bir-Hakeim Bridge on the River Seine in Paris, the bridge is made of three life raft-shaped inflatable modules with trampoline mesh stretched between each one. The concept is designed to be adaptable to other sites as well, including smaller rivers.

“Located in direct relationship to eiffel’s tower the installation becomes symbol of ephemeral architecture designed to provide a unique experience: a view of all of Paris,” says AZC.