Cool Million: Famous 420 Square Foot SoHo Condo for Sale

small space mobile partition

A multifunctional masterpiece built with crowd-sourced design ideas and a small-space vision by the founder of TreeHugger, this New York City apartment is now for sale for $995,000.

small space murphy bed

small space divided apartment

small space dinner party

The star of Graham Hill’s LifeEdited, the unit boasts transforming furniture, sliding walls, secret panels and hidden resources from an array of manufacturers and custom installers.

Per the Gizmodo video above, the space unfolds to accommodate everything from dozen-plus dinner parties to overnight guests when you pull out the magically-long dining table or push an entire wall to one side.

small space kitchen drawers

small space storage closets

From the living room (which splits into bedrooms) to the bathroom and kitchen, lots of little tricks make it all work, including a microwave that doubles as an oven and modular burners that can be deployed on demand.

small space bathroom windwo

small space curtains divider

Everyone knows a million dollars does not go quite so far in Manhattan, but some might still wonder if the place is worth the asking price. Cool factor and high-tech tweaks aside, though, it is worth noting that other units in the building have Zillow estimates of 1.5 million dollars in some cases, so at the very least this high-sounding price may not be wildly off base.