Declutter Your Desk in Style: 16 Modern Office Organizers

Open-plan offices with simplified furniture may look nice and minimalist, but they typically lack built-in storage and organization, making it hard to wrangle all the little things you need to use each day. That calls for some creative solutions that won’t make a cluttered situation even worse. These modern desk organizers are up to the task, and they look good, too.

3D Desk Organizer by Block

desk organizer block 1

desk organizer block 2
The shaped wire that makes up the Sketch Desk Tidy by Block mimics the look of a drawing that’s been translated into a 3D form suggestive of a building. The powder-coated steel cage in blue or black rests upon a wooden base to hold pens and other small office items.

5 Brilliant Ideas from RIT’s Metaproject for Poppin

desk organizers poppin 1

desk organizers poppin 6

desk organizers poppin 5

desk organizers poppin 3

desk organizers poppin 2

Poppin, a New York-based shop for modern office products, teamed up with students from the Rochester Institute of Technology for this edition of ‘Metaproject’ to deliver a series of economical, reproducible yet aesthetically pleasing and highly functional accessories. The results solve a lot of storage problems commonly seen in workspaces, especially those that have switched to a minimalist open-plan design scheme that leaves no room for drawers, hooks and cabinets. The creations include the High-Rise Hanging Family, modular organizers that fit over a felt divider; Branch Holder for your keys, bags and headphones; The Booster Desk so you can stand up when you feel like it; the Munch Mat Takeout Bag so you don’t make a mess with your lunch, and the Task Chair Overhanger for purses, scarves and jackets.

Cliff Riser with Built-In Storage

desk organizer cliff 1

desk organizer cliff 2

desk organizer cliff 3

This simple steel riser is more than just a way to elevate your monitor – it has two drawers built into the side to hold small items like tape dispensers and staplers or personal effects. The Cliff by Heckler Design comes in six colors and is just the right size to be useful without taking up too much desk space.

Memory City USB Station

desk organizer memory city 1

desk organizer memory city 2

Do you have trouble keeping track of a bunch of different external storage devices like USB thumb drives? Instead of tossing them all in a drawer, keep them handy and visible with the Memory City USB Station. This plastic diorama of train stations scenery includes slots for thumb drives and flash cards, which then tower over the scene like skyscrapers.