Game Your Box: 40 Cool Gaming Console Mods & Case Hacks

Gaming takes skill. Your gaming console is like your beloved baby. Whether you are an old school FPS frag fest master, a social gamer, or an achievement hunter, there is a gaming console mod to reflect your style. These are 40 of the coolest gaming case mods, most of which were made by hardcore gamers with great imaginations, but even a closet gamer or destructive gamer might find something here to love.

PS3 Case Mods

Far Cry 2 PS3 mod comes with an AK-47 magazine, giant bugs, bullet casings, partial skull, and a damaged PS3. The sword and mountain on Assassin’s Creed PS3 case mod matches the Assassin’s Creed game theme. Alien PS3 case mod was sculpted out of layers of super heated epoxy putty, cured, and then painted Chaos Black.

If case mods make a better player, who would be the victor of this gold-plated PS3 or the Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriot case?

Some mods are simple, a cover or a minor cosmetic change like the blood splattered one. But the PS3 on the left was nuked in a microwave and then labeled as art. Kind of strange that the non-functioning art cost more than the functioning PS3.

Both of these are very cool PS3 mods. The Alien Chestburster PS3 Case Mod is another DIY mod by GivinTats. Damnation Timberclad PS3 Steampunk can be done without voiding the warranty.

(image credits: techeblog,walyou,gizmodo,made-in-china)

While Rainbow Six: Las Vegas and the screaming ghost face cover are pretty cool, they can’t beat modding a PS3 into a functioning laptop. Step by step instructions to make your own PS3 Slim Laptop are on modder Ben Heck’s site. The black PS3 laptop was also created by Heck, but auctioned off for the charity National Cancer Coalition.


(image credits: gamersireland)

This Halo 3 Xbox features two spartans back to back with the 360 between them. It’s called ‘Craget’ and was created in two months by a UK designer. Like in any fan-based obsession, there are cases modded to meet with any taste. Maybe the only thing Xbox 360 users all have in common, other than their love of their 360, is the dread of someday seeing the infamous red ring of death.

Xbox 360

The Superman mod is an airbrushed tribute to the Man of Steel. The Joker Why So Serious Xbox 360 mod is a great memorial to Heath Ledger. A hardcore Call of Duty 2 player modded out their Xbox 360 in appreciation. Ben Heck hacked another console to create the portable Xbox 360 laptop. He’s quite the expert at modding gaming consoles into laptops.

Another fan-made Xbox 360 includes Hellboy which was created by Frank Gonzales. Jeremiah Thiring custom-painted Halo 3 Xbox 360 before putting it on eBay for the highest Halo-theme-loving bidder.

(image credits: gamersireland,gearfuse,gadgetsnews,sanjaymenon)

A truly portable Xbox 360 has a 5.8-inch LCD screen built into it. There is yet another mod of the many 360 blended laptops that have been created by gaming and computer fans. It you like the soft fuzzy side of things, and are also a hardcore Xbox fan, then maybe you would like the Furry Xbox 360 iPhone case designed by the House of Rabbitrampage? There are case mods for about any taste such as Thundercats and an alligator skin for reptile lovers.

Xbox 360 car

(image credits: xboxfreedom)

Wold Blades6 created this Xbox 360 car. The 360 console was built into the dashboard while the 360 controller fit nicely into the steering wheel. The outside paint job of this Suzuki matches in with the Xbox 360 color scheme.


(image credits: walyou)

Mobius1ski pimped the sneaker into a portable NES Sneaker Mod. Jeri Ellsworth repurposed an LCD screen from a DVD player to make her portable NES console purse. This time Ben Heck‘s portable NES included an MP3 player, rechargeable battery, photoviewer, and 4GB memory.


(image credits: walyou,retroist)

If you like to game in the kitchen, you are not alone. This SNES Toaster mod is a toaster and Super Nintendo. For some, it’s a great way to start the day.

Wii Case Mods

The portable Wii Laptop is similar in size to the Netbook, but comes with IR sensors ready to sense motion for gaming.

From sparkling diamond-studded Legend of Zelda to black Star Wars, Wii case mods come in all different flavors just like any other gaming console.

(image credits: wiinoob,wiinoob,inventorspot)

Super Mario Galaxy Wii mod could appeal to Mario fans of all ages. DecalGirl offers more than 380 Wii skins of all different types to make Wii modding a snap. The classy Gold-Plated Wii mod was given to the Queen. If you are a fan of Jay and Silent Bob, then you might appreciate the Kevin Smith Clerks mod.

Lego Consoles

Legos rock. A Lego gaming console mod such as this Wii and Wii remote could only be better if it were to actually function as more than a model.

The black SNES is a fine tribute to the 16 bit Super Ninetendo System. The Lego SNEX game system houses a Super NES and a Xbox 360. Best of all, it works!

(image credit: xboxfreedom,gadgethim)

If you are gaming with a console, you have to master the controller. These three Lego controllers look good, even if it won’t help you win.