Declutter Your Desk in Style: 16 Modern Office Organizers

Desk-Side Caddy

desk organizer soto caddy

desk organizer soto caddy 2

Sleek and minimalist desks look nice, but typically leave no place to put your bags, jackets and other personal items. You could shove them underneath and then accidentally step on them all day – or you could place them in a similarly sleek side-caddy. The Soto II Mobile Caddy fits in with modern office design and keeps your stuff off the floor, with an upper shelf for mobile devices. Casters make it easy to roll for stowing or removing your items.

Crystal Glass Organizers by Singular Concept

desk organizer crystal 1

desk organizer crystal 2

‘Junction’ by Singular Concept is a series of handcrafted crystal glass desktop organizers that look more like art objects, bringing sculptural flair to an otherwise boring work area. The various openings in the crystal reference valves and drainage pipes and can be used to cradle tablets and phones, paper clips or perhaps the occasional flower.

.ORG Flat-Pack Laser-Cut Steel Organizer

desk organizer flat pack

desk organizer flat pack 2

desk organizer flat pack 3

Less than a millimeter thick, the .ORG minimal steel desk organizer comes in a flat-pack sheet with perforations so you can fold it into shape yourself and features a built-in LED light. The various compartments are designed to hold a tablet, s smartphone, stationery items, scissors and a stapler.

The City Porcelain Desk Organizer

desk organizer city 1

Mimicking a traditional European skyline, the City Desk Organizer was created by London-based designer Hector Serrano for Italian manufacturers Seletti. Made of white porcelain and accented with red paint, the tiny city includes holders for longer objects like pens and scissors as well as trays for smaller items.