Build-A-Bug: Mini VW Beetle Model Made of LEGO Blocks

Assemble a miniature model of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle with a new kit from LEGO, reproducing the car in minuscule detail from a surfboard-holding roof rack to a four-cylinder air-cooled engine and fuel tank. The VW Beetle Creator Expert Kit comes with 1,167 pieces including the car’s characteristic round headlights, curved fenders and a body painted vivid sky blue.

lego bug 7

lego bug 5

lego bug 8

On the outside, you’ll find front and rear bumpers, license plates, flat windshields, exhaust pipes, side mirrors and virtually every other feature you’d see on a full-sized version of the car, down to a couple logos and the kind of bumper stickers you see on surfers’ cars in Malibu. Open the front lid to reveal the spare tire, or the rear to access the engine bay.

lego bug 9

leg bug 3

lego bug 6

The beige interior forward-tilting seats, a dashboard and steering wheels, and if you tilt the rear seat forward, you’ll find a storage space hiding a fabric beach towel. The top of the car can also be removed to access the inside, and included accessories like a cooler and surfboard can be mounted to the roof rack.

lego bug 1

lego bug 10

lego porsche

The kit is available for $99.99 USD on July 14th for Lego VIPs, with everybody else getting access on August 1st. This release comes on the heels of a similarly detailed Porsche ‘911 GT3 RS’, a Technic kit of 1:8 scale with 2,704 pieces costing three times as much. That kit is still sold out, so LEGO fans who want the Beetle kit for their own collections will have to act fast.