The Coolest 9 to 5’s: 8 Offices that Blow Your Mind

Most people live in cookie cutter townhouses, or bland apartments, and go to work in utilitarian buildings full of cubicles. Most people, but not all. Some of the coolest companies have expanded their boundaries beyond the typical soul-sucking office setup and created truly wonderful places to work.

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Etsy’s headquarters are as fun and offbeat as one would expect from such a homespun company. With plush cubicles themed on different designs, and wacky homemade paraphernalia everywhere, this office space seems oddly put together considering the variety of decoration.

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The Selgas Cano architecture office in Madrid is truly out there. The office is literally engulfed by nature, sitting slightly below ground with a wall of glass as the only separation from the beautiful foliage. It is much easier to make it as an architect when your office is this astounding.

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Pixar’s headquarters personify the fun and childlike wonder of their films. With giant halls that look more like aircraft hangars, down to offices that look like a ramshackle neighborhood, each room has its own outrageous atmosphere. This is definitely a place where creativity is prized.

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The facilities above look like a fancy new show floor for Volkswagen’s Phaeton, their luxury vehicle. In fact, this swanky building is actually the Phaeton plant. Located in Dresden, Germany, this factory has to be the fanciest in the world. With top of the line equipment and an aesthetic that’s far from the dirt and industrial feel of most car plants, this is a factory that clearly matches the feel of its cars.

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The TBWA Hakuhodo ad agency’s office feels like a walk in a park. With rolling green hills and lawn chairs as desks, this is definitely a building to put a client at ease. The building tells clients they think differently, and it would be difficult not to agree.

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The Ogilvy and Mather ad agency brings their idea of a “carnival of ideas” to a new level with their jaw-dropping office in Guangzhou. Featuring the carnival staples of lit signs and carousel animals, the office’s design is a delightful way to catch a potential clients attention.

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MPV decided to add an office component to their warehouse, and came up with a novel and sustainable solution in the process. They used modern techniques to turn discarded cargo containers into something modern and remarkable.

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Google is known for the extravagances in their offices, from technological toilets to free massages, it can seem like it would be impossible to get any work done over there. They spared no expense in their Zurich office, with slides and workspaces that are more like pods than desks.