Self-Defense Decor: 3 Furshings Fend Off Home Invaders

Clubs, axes and bats are anything but typical furniture, and may be off-putting to ordinary people visiting your house. Hence these hybrid designs, in which weapons are built right into nightstands, coat racks and coffee tables.

First, a classic: the James McAdam bat-and-shield bedside-table set that started out as a concept design, but through a cycle of positive viral feedback has not made it into production and is available for purchase.

From its creator: “Here it is the [safest bedside table] you can buy. Made from Birch [plywood] Maple and Leather this table is priced at $245. It has been developed [since being] exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art NY and now being made in the UK for sale worldwide.”

Next, a spiked club from The Principals.  “Crossing a classic piece of sports equipment with an everyday household piece of furniture, the Bat Rack uses iconographic items to create a unique piece that functions both passively and actively, to serve and protect.

“As a weapon of self defense and a place to hang your belongings, the Bat Rack can be installed on any wall by swinging, spike-end first, or used to stop any burglar in their tracks. Constructed from solid Carolinian maple and hand-turned stainless steel, the Bat Rack is inspired by the supple curves of Danish mid-century masters and the crack of a bat heard from neighborhood sandlots.”

Finally, from designer Chris Duffy, the less-practical but quite-beautiful axe table. “Walnut veneer or light Oak veneer from Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled sources, the solid hickory axe handles are specially imported from the USA. Resin composite axe heads.”