Lego Blocks + iPad = Classic 1984 Macintosh Computer

Lego iPad Classic Macintosh

Technology comes full circle thanks to an iPad and a creative usage of Lego blocks. Oslo-based designers Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken recreated a classic 1984 Macintosh computer with a modern twist, turning the light and sleek tablet into a bulky retro monitor.

Lego iPad Classic Macintosh 3

The stop-motion film above shows how the technology/toy mashup was created, complete with a floppy disk slot and old school Macintosh logo.

Lego iPad Classic Macintosh 2

The iPad simply slides in from the side, making the Lego housing a cool-looking place to dock the iPad so you can read or watch a movie.

Lego iPad Classic Macintosh 4

The project brings Apple back to its early years, emphasizing how the brand has evolved over the past three decades. Of course, the Lego monitor is actually much smaller than the original, since it has to accommodate the comparatively miniature screen of the iPad.