Private Urban Paradise: 13 Dreamy Residential Rooftop Pools & Gardens

If you don’t have access to your own private rooftop paradise, you can at least dream about it during the hottest months of the year with the help of this collection of dreamy swimming pools and lush gardens. Rooftop bathtubs, infinity pools overlooking some of the world’s most glamorous cities and elevated lawns offer respite from the heat and access to fresh air, even in densely populated urban areas.

Beach House Extension in Peru

Rooftop Oasis Beach House 1

rooftop oasis beach house 2

rooftop oasis beach house 3

This stepped home on a hillside overlooking the bay of Ancón in Lima, Peru features a rooftop infinity pool that seems to extend right out into the sea. Architect Adriá Noboa added to and renovated the existing home, built in 1958 by Swiss architect Theodor Cron, whose work in Peru is considered historically valuable.

Tel Aviv Townhouse Pool, Israel

rooftop oasis tel aviv 1

rooftop oasis tel aviv 2

rooftop oasis tel aviv 3

Another apartment terrace swimming pool in an urban area sits atop a six-level townhouse in Tel Aviv. Architect Pitsou Kedem placed the lap pool at the edge of the rooftop terrace alongside a lounge area. The pool feels open to the city when you’re enjoying it, yet remains private from ground level.

Rooftop Bathtub and Shower, Portugal

rooftop oasis bath

rooftop oasis bath 2

rooftop oasis bath 3

Enjoying a relaxing bath while staring up at the sky from your own private rooftop in Lisbon definitely isn’t too shabby. José Adrião Architects added this unusual feature to the all-white rooftop terrace of a home with a view of the historical city.

The Wall House, Singapore

rooftop oasis wall 1

rooftop oasis wall 2

There’s no house in the world quite like this one, designed for a client in Singapore who wanted two distinct yet connected homes for various generations of his family while maintaining lots of privacy and outdoor recreation space. FARM architects created a multi-level plan with a lower-level courtyard connecting both residences while the lushly planted rooftop levels are private, each with their own swimming pool.

Apartment Pool Overlooking Madrid, Spain

rooftop oasis madrid 1

rooftop oasis madrid 2

rooftop oasis madrid 3

A terrace sticks out of the side of this top floor apartment in the heart of Madrid, its kidney-shaped swimming pool nearly at roof level on one of the city’s tallest buildings. I! Arquitectura wanted to bring the ‘countryside’ to a city setting, with all the perks of living in the suburbs. That deck could only be better if the pool went right up to the edge, allowing you to take in the views while swimming.