Private Urban Paradise: 13 Dreamy Residential Rooftop Pools & Gardens

Rooftop Pool by OMA, Paris

rooftop oasis oma 1

rooftop oasis oma 2

Who needs safety railings? OMA tops the elevated box structure of the Villa dall’Ava with a swimming pool that can’t be seen from the ground, its surface reaching just below roof level. The pool and its adjacent lawn boast views of the Eiffel Tower.

Stepped Rooftop Terrace in Vietnam

rooftop oasis stepped

rooftop oasis stepped 2

rooftop oasis stepped 5

Local building code required Vo Trong Nghia architects to keep 50% of this rooftop in Vietnam covered in gray or orange tile, but that didn’t stop them from making the entire surface a functional terrace. Stretching the limits of the law, they alternated long strips of tile with garden beds to create a pocket park open to the residents’ neighbors.

Spiral Stairs Leading to a Rooftop Deck in Peru

rooftop oasis spiral 1

rooftop oasis spiral 2

rooftop oasis spiral 3

A sculptural set of spiral stairs, visible from outside through a wall of glass, leads up to an ideal entertaining space on the rooftop of this Peruvian home by Jorge Marsino Prado. Zoning in the area restricts all homes to one level, but the clients wanted space to host parties. This compromise ensures that all local residents can enjoy the “essential joys” of sun, space, vegetation and views of the landscape without neighbors blocking it with tall structures. Nearby homes all have the same essential layout, with a screen providing shade.

Tropical Beachfront Villa, Vietnam

rooftop oasis tropical 1

rooftop oasis tropical 2

rooftop oasis tropical 3

This party house on Non Nuoc Beach in Vietnam is all about the rooftop pool and lounge area overlooking the ocean. MIA Design Studio completed the villa, which has multiple levels of swimming pools separated from the beach only by a row of palm trees.