Private Urban Paradise: 13 Dreamy Residential Rooftop Pools & Gardens

Hilly Rooftop Landscape, Copenhagen

rooftop oasis hill 1

rooftop oasis hill 2

rooftop oasis hill 3

rooftop oasis hill 4

A block of high-density apartment buildings in one of the most populated areas of Copenhagen was conspicuously missing green space for its residents to enjoy. JDS Architects helped address this issue with the addition of a rooftop park with a grassy hill, a lookout platform, an outdoor kitchen and barbecue, and a playground with a shock-absorbing surface and suspension bridge.

Jellyfish House, Spain

rooftop oasis jellyfish house 2

rooftop oasis jellyfish house 3

rooftop oasis jellyfish house 4

No list of beautiful rooftop pools is complete without Jellyfish House by Wiel Arets Architects, a modern dream in Marbella, Spain. Walking up to it, visitors are greeted by tranquil watery reflections cast by the glass bottom of the cantilevered swimming pool, which juts out over a lounge area. Swimmers are visible from below as they enjoy the pool, both from this lounge and from inside the home.

Sky Garden House, Singapore

rooftop oasis sky garden

rooftop oasis sky garden 2

rooftop oasis sky garden 3

rooftop oasis sky garden 4

Small plots of land and houses that are quite close together prompted a creative approach for this residence in Singapore by Guz Architects, which maintains a private yard by placing it – you guessed it – on the roof. Solid walls face each neighbor and an open breezeway running through the center of the building gives the interior both privacy and openness. Say the architects, “The intention was to try to allow each roof garden provided a base for the story above allowing the layered effect to make each store feel like it was a single story dwelling sitting in a garden. as much as we could do in the close confines of Sentosa island and with such a large building!”

House with Rooftop Pool in Lima, Peru

rooftop oasis lima 1

rooftop oasis lima 2

rooftop oasis lima 3

A box-shape swimming pool punctuates one end of the terrace covering the entire rooftop of this house in Lima, Peru by 2.8 x arquitectos. Set across from an outdoor kitchen, the pool looks down onto the grassy private courtyard enclosing the home, which features nearly all glass walls on its lower level in another beautiful balance of openness and privacy.