Incredible Industrial Design: Tremendous Teas & Bold Brews

What would we do without coffee and tea? The well-loved beverages are the focal point of social gatherings, the relaxing refreshments of work breaks everywhere, and the only way to start the day for countless people around the world. Could these indispensable beverages be made even better with some crazily creative packaging?

Beautiful Brews

(images via: The Dieline 1, 2)

Tea has been said to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. Besides being delicious and relaxing, some types of teas can even help certain medical conditions. But more than anything else, drinking tea is a time-honored tradition in many parts of the world. Of course, brewing tea the old-fashioned way – with leaves, not bags – is best, but that’s not always practical. When you need a more convenient way to prepare this elixir of the soul, these products can help. The product on top is Temae, a tea bag with a built-in timer. As the attached tea bag sits in the water, tea creeps up the string and onto the tag, which sits across the cup’s opening and relays when it’s ready to drink. Below that is the iTea Wand from Sugart; unlike tea bags which can trap some of the tea’s flavor, the thin metal wand lets all of the natural flavors flow into the water.

The Difference is in the Bag

(images via: Russian Creators, Arghyle, The Dieline)

The humble tea bag is a handy, if somewhat utilitarian, way to brew our favorite teas. But two designers have taken steps to make it just a little more pleasant. Natalia Ponomareva came up with the origami-inspired design on the left, which would give tea drinkers something to smile about as their brew is reaching perfection…as long as they have clear tea cups, that is. On the right is Ineeka’s unique take on the tea bag: paper arms extend from the sides of the pre-filled bag to hold it in place on the cup, eliminating the need to fish the bag out with a spoon when you’re ready to drink. The design on the bottom is from Peter Hewitt; it features a pyramidal tea bag with a realistic-looking leaf that pokes up out of your cup to remind you to be cheery while your beverage reaches perfection.

Stirring Something Up

(images via: Yanko Design, Peter D’Alessandro, Jeeyun Chung)

If you really want to stir up interest in a brand of tea, making the bag into a stirring device is a great way to get attention. Not everyone makes tea while sitting at home and relaxing; some people like to enjoy a nice cuppa even when out working or camping. That’s the idea behind these designs, which brew while they stir in the desired additions. One lump or two?

Hanging Around

(images via: Lovely Package, Below the Clouds, directdaily)

Of course, if you’re going to have a go at redesigning the time-tested design of the tea bag, you might as well have some fun with the attached tag. Far from simply displaying the brand and flavor of tea, these tags go the extra mile to entertain you. The Hanger Tea concept hangs adorably in its little wardrobe until you’re ready for a drink, then it suspends your tea bag from the side of the cup. And whether you attach little floating origami boats or adventurous miniature people to your tea bag string, a unique design adds an element of whimsy to a cup of tea.

Multiple Personalities

(images via: wdaru)

Adding a bit of personality to your tea couldn’t hurt. WDARU designed these hilarious tea bags, each of which features a person sporting a different persona. They come packaged in unique gift boxes, like the swimming pool or school bus packages above.

Just Beau-Tea-Ful

(images via: Lovely Package, Lovely Package, Packaging of the World)

If the packaging should enhance the product, then there are infinite design choices out there for tea packages. These designs are full of life and embody the beauty of drinking tea. Before you scoff at the idea that drinking tea is beautiful, consider the fact that in many parts of the world, drinking tea is an essential and everyday part of life – why not celebrate its place in global culture?

Jumpin’ Java!

(images via: Packaging of the World and Packaging Uqam)

When you do the good deed of making a coffee run for your office mates, one of the biggest hassles is getting it just the way everyone wants it. Rather than shoving a handful of creamers and sugars into your pocket and risking a messy spill, these cool products would let you carry coffee fixin’s right on the cup.

(images via: PotW, PotW, PotW and Lovely Package)

With so many to-go coffee choices out there, chains and local shops alike have to make themselves distinctive in some way. One of the most noticeable and memorable ways to pull that off it to have awesome, unforgettable packaging. Clockwise from top left, these creative to-go cups are found at Brooklyn Fare, Kaffe, Coffee Time and Brew Nerds.

(images via: Waldo Pancake)

UK coffee chain Puccino’s wanted to stand out in customers’ minds, so they enlisted the services of Waldo Pancake to design these irreverent and totally lovable cups. Waldo Pancake designed an entire corporate identity for Puccino’s, from the packaging to the funny signs in the shops – and customers love it.

Home Brews

(images via: Lovely Package, Lovely Package and Abstract Concept)

Of course, not everyone gets their coffee on the go. For those who prefer to brew it at home, these unique packages are far more interesting than the tin cans or plastic bags most of us purchase our black gold in. From retro cool to roller-derby tough to coolly modern, these take-home packs deserve to be proudly displayed on the countertop.

Did You Inhale?

(image via: Le Whif)

If you’re looking for a coffee experience that is worlds away from any other, nothing beats inhalable coffee. Le Whif, which has been selling inhalable chocolate for quite some time, recently introduced a breathable coffee shot. It’s said to have as much caffeine as a small cup of espresso, but instead of sipping it leisurely you simply put it into your mouth and breathe in the flavor and the kick.