Just In Case: Refined Survival Kit with Chocolate & Liquor

Missing from most survival kits are the less-obvious but still-essential elements for preserving not just life and limb but sanity along with them. Hence the more diversified offerings of this lovely bug-out box, just in time for the much-misunderstood (and not actually) Mayan-predicted apocalypse.

Siesta dovetails with survival in this kit created by the Mexican branding firm Menosunocerouno. Seven pie-shaped slices of a circular chocolate give you a week’s worth of treats – rewards, perhaps, for staying alive. Then wash your dessert down with some original Mayan liqueur from Casa D’aristi in Yucatan.

But aside from the fun stuff, there are some core materials as well: a liter of water to stay hydrated, a pack of matches, survival knife and waterproof notebook to document the good and the bad as you make your way through the world’s end. All of this is packaged in a suitably-austere black-and-yellow box with instructional tips should anything less obvious come your way during the end of days.