Extreme Mobile Living: Garbage Trucks to Luxury Campers

Bizarre Portable Mobile Houses and Caravans

There’s nothing like the freedom to move and live where we want. Perhaps the greatest expression of postmodern mobility is when transportation devices are combined with living spaces. Creative portable living solutions can blend with urban surroundings, be adapted to different individuals or can be the epitome of over-the-top luxury.

Garbage Truck Mobile Home

Garbage Truck Mobile Home Interior

This strange vehicle might look like a reconfigured garbage truck but it is actually an off-road luxury living vehicle – a converted mobile home. The series of Unicats are complete with top-of-the-line beds, bathrooms, kitchens and storage space and can travel on rough terrain. At the same time, they really do look like garbage trucks and can blend perfectly into an urban setting for mobile downtown parties.

Cool Portable Living Room Units

The A-Z Wagon Stations are designed for maximum flexibility. Within a fixed shape the outside can be decorated and the interiors can be infinitely reconfigured and personalized by the owner and occupant. Some users have taken them and created plush lounges equipped with sound systems and others have created spartan and well-organized workspaces.

Elegant Posh Mobile Caravan House

Worlds Coolest Mobile Home

There is no mistaking this 2.5 million dollar mobile home for anything but the luxury liner of portable housing. An entire sports car neatly slides into the undercarriage and the interior looks like it could be the cockpit and living quarters of a futuristic space ship. The real question is: would you be willing to spend a mansion’s ransom on this and then be brave enough to take it on the road?