Cows Of A Different Color: The Moooving Art Project

The Moooving Art project in Shepparton, Australia, promotes the region’s dairy industry via dozens of fiberglass cows creatively painted by local artists.




The Moooving Art Project was established in 2002, inspired in part by the very successful “Merry Moos” campaign featured at the Shepparton agricultural show. So what’s the deal with Shepparton and cows, you might ask?



In a nutshell, Shepparton is the largest town in the Goulburn River valley, located just over 100 miles (175 km) north-northeast of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. The region is Australia’s largest producer of dairy products and the aim of the project is to celebrate the positive impact the cow-driven industry has made on the local economy. Flickr user rotheche snapped some of these “outstanding in their field” designs in April of 2009.


Though most of the models sport the standard bovine pose, a few feature out-of-the-ordinary modifications. Fancy some relaxing on the above “Cowch” whilst enjoying a sunny summer’s day down under?