Compliment Shower: Kind Words Rain Down from Giant Spigot

compliment shower 1

Would reading a message like “You could make a lemon laugh” make you feel good enough about yourself to spread kindness to others? That’s the idea behind the world’s biggest compliment shower, a massive spigot installed in Antwerp’s Central Station in honor of International Compliments Day 2015.

compliment shower 3

compliment shower 4

Dreamed up by creative agency FRIENDSHIP and commissioned by fashion retailer e5, the installation features what looks like the most absurdly oversized shower head in existence looming over commuters as they pass through the station. A sign simply says, ‘Pull for compliment.’

compliment shower 6

compliment shower 7

Anyone who does so (not minding the fine print, which reads ‘Smile, you’re on camera,’) instantly gets hundreds of complimentary phrases rained upon them and everyone watching. The little blue waterdrop-shaped papers bear messages like “You look like a million bucks today.”