Novel Artists: Amazing & Creative Book Cover Art & Design


They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes it can be unavoidable. The cover of a book can often make a strong first impression that is hard to ignore. Those who have had a lifelong love affair with books know the thrill of running their fingertips down a spine cloaked in rich mahogany leather. However, there are some books so cleverly designed that they captivate even the casual bookstore browser.

Travel and History




(images via aesop, John Pratt, wmsh_kiwi)

A good book often has the ability to pull us into a different place and time. This unique Thames Tunnel book was used to promote the tunnel when it opened in 1843. It now calls Bristol reference library home. The holes in the cover of John Harrison and His Chronometer were meant to show off the artwork inside, but in the right lighting, cause the images to glow seductively. Other books can literally help you find your way with a map that doubles as a cover.

A Celebration of Art



(images via Unhindered by Talent, normanack, KaDeWeGirl)

Artistic book covers tend to intrigue us and make us want to know more. Not only are they interesting to look at, we also are drawn in to the deeper meaning of the art. These book covers speak to us through mysterious subtleties.

DIY Crafty Covers




(images via ejhogbin, andymangold, dakini, WildGuruLarry)

People who love arts and crafts often create their own stunning cover designs. A cute book cover can be knitted or crocheted, painted, distressed or weathered. Some books aren’t for reading at all, but contain pressed botanical treasures.

The Bold and Bizarre



(images via christophercarfi, BeigeAlert, debaird)

Artists often use humor and oddities in book cover designs to attract interest and capture an audience. The shock value is striking and may cause readers to have a look, but these books must deliver on the promises their covers imply to keep readers engaged.

Sensational Books That Pop and Prickle




(images via unhindered, unforth, IrisDragon)

Who didn’t love pop-up books as a kid? Books that pop when you open the cover offer a surprise that others don’t. Some books don’t save the 3-D thrill for the inside and outwardly present it for everyone to see. These books are interesting to look at and touch, but may not offer much literary value. Those of us who love to curl up with a good read might enjoy the superficial sensory experiences these books offer, but will have to keep looking for substance.