Cubicle Typography: Unique Desks as Office Furniture Font

furniture font design space

One of the most dreary aspects of daily life in a cubical farm is the relentless sameness that pervades each office pod – perhaps it would help if each workspace were different, easy to assemble and simple to recycle.

furniture letter r desk

This Fold Yard typography of Benoit Challand has a touch of whimsy to be sure, but it also suggests a way to break out of the box by customizing each station at a given place of work.

furniture typography font concept

Who knows: these quickly-customized corrugated cardboard cubes (joined with modular plastic pieces) might be a good recipe for helping employees feel less like a hive of drones and more like individual workers with independent value and personal flexibility.

furniture fold yard set

furniture design title idea

About the creator: “Ben is a creative image maker focused on digital art, 3D illustration and typography” – his work includes CGI retouching and digital drawings, with a background in motion design (animation). He has done typographic and other work for major brands as well as creating a number of neat independent projects.