Different Strokes: Strange Paintbrushes Promote Creativity

paint brush alternatives

When something evolves to have such a long history as the art of painting, it falls on out-of-the-box thinkers to question the most basic elements of creation: tools.

paint brush design series

The designers at Culdesac compares the process to “genetic mutations” which “give birth to imaginative instruments: the brush compass, pendulum or whip give us a clue to the behavior of paint through sketches and through history.”

paintbrush redesigned wall ceiling

Extending the choice of paint-and-brush pairings (different colors and sizes), these alternative instruments yield unusual (and in some cases unpredictable) results when putting tool to canvas.

paintbrush geometric shape creators

Artists can use them to do anything from painting on a ceiling (using an inflatable balloon brush), to pausing between strokes (thanks to a handy stand built into the handle) to creating circles, squares and triangles (and derivations thereof!).