Dissected Buildings: Sliced Facades are All Appearances

Ghostly Building Facades 1

Ghostly building facades seem to have been sliced right off the buildings that should be attached to them, their skinny silhouettes rising from street level against the laws of physics. These structures are an architectural interpretation of the term ‘all style, no substance,’ presenting buildings as they look at first glance without the parts that you would see if you were to walk around the sides and back.

Ghostly Building Facades 2

Ghostly Building Facades 4

The ‘Façades’ series by French photographer Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy wondered what a city would look like if architecture was only scenery, with no actual places for people to carry out their daily lives. The building facades were isolated in Photoshop, the backgrounds filled in with other shots taken nearby.

Ghostly Building Facades 3

The resulting images are all the more eerie for the hints of life they still contain, like satellite dishes, bicycles and laundry draped on balcony railings.

Ghostly Building Facades 5

“This series offers a vision of an unknown world that would only be a picture, without intimate space, with looks as the only refuge,” says Gaurdillot-Roy.