Skateable Sculpture in France Glows in the Dark

Glowing an eerie green in the darkness, ‘OTRO’ is a new skate park in the sculpture garden of the International Center of Art and Landscape on Vassiviére Island in France. Designed by Koo Jeong-A, OTRO is an amorphous concrete bowl with three tunnels, finished with a phosphorescent paint.

The paint allows the skateable sculpture to glow at night without using any electricity, helping Koo Jeong-A to transform the island into “an unreal, phantasmagoric and powerful dreamscape belonging to the imaginary world of the artist.”

“The concept of OTRO, its ovoid shape, the use of green phosphorescent concrete, its progressive discovery, and its integration in the island meadow make this artwork become an infinite land of investigation, that reflects all details like the light, its link with the site, the atmospheres, the dream and the fantastical.”

“It is an art work to live, to experiment, not only from a sporting point of view but also from a sensorial, sensitive and artistic point of view. It establishes the link between the urban, practicable, sporting and playful aspect of the artwork as a skate park and the artwork from an artistic point of view as part of Koo Jeong-A’s world.”