Paper Signals: DIY Sculptural Objects You Can Control With Your Voice

If you could build an origami-like paper object that can visualize information at your voice command, what would you ask it to tell you? Google’s new ‘Paper Signals’ project is a fun way to play with information, technology and DIY crafts, offering templates for paper sculptures containing simple parts like a micro servo, an Adafruit Feather Huzzah (a thin, light WiFi board with built-in USB and battery charging) and some things you likely have laying around the house or office.

Google’s examples are an arrow that points up and down to track Bitcoin, a wheel that counts down to Halloween, an umbrella that tracks the rain in Seattle, a pair of pants that grows shorter or longer according to the temperature in New York City, a box with arms that tells you when it’s time to take a break and a rocket that tracks NASA launches.

You can choose from one of these examples and print the paper template to put it together using your own parts, or buy the Paper Signals bundle from Adafruit for $24.95. Or, if you have some experience, grab the code from GitHub and make something new.