Your Own Slice of Sky: Pop-Out Windows for Urban Apartments

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Few city dwellers are lucky enough to have an outdoor space to call their own, but this pop-out window design offers a view of the sky, even if your window looks directly onto another building. Argentinian architect and Pratt Institute student Aldana Ferrer Garcia debuted her thesis project ‘More Sky’ at the inaugural Dubai Design Week, rethinking the limits of standard urban housing.

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Designed to fit within Brooklyn’s building rules and regulations, ‘More Sky’ is a replacement window system that can extend into the outdoors with an accordion-like action. The window comes in three styles: casement niche, awning niche and hopper niche, providing various opening angles and degrees of expansion.

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The ‘casement niche’ is a pivoting window seat that lets you safely hang out the window, providing panoramic views. Bring a blanket and a small pillow, and you’ve got the perfect cozy nook for reading or enjoying a cup of coffee.

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The ‘hopper niche’ angles straight out, and is strong enough to support a person lounging inside. This angle gives you views of the sky, ideal for apartments that overlook narrow alleyways. The third design, ‘awning niche,’ is an ideal spot for indoor plants that require a lot of sunlight, like herbs.